Quality Control:

National Bio-Medical Pvt.Ltd has always source product from Arab health Dubai, Dusseldorf Medical Germany, CMEF China, Dental Expo China, to achieve higher standards outlined below

Country of Origin:

National Bio-Medical Pvt.Ltd imports goods from the following countries including :USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy,Belgium, China, Taiwan, India,Turkey, Pakistan and other Countries.

Technical Support

National Bio-Medical Pvt.Ltd have company trained Bio-Medical Engineers to give after sales support and service to clients. They are well trained for installation of machines and give operation instruction to users.

No. of Staff

National Bio-Medical Pvt.Ltd have total 25 staffs in different sectors. For marketing 10 staffs, Sales staffs, Account 2 staffs, Store 1 staff, Bio-Medical Engineers 4 staffs and others 3 staffs.